Dodworth Training Band offers anyone the opportunity to learn to play a brass instrument, whether you are a total beginner or returning to playing an instrument.  The Training Band allows music to be learned in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  Tuition is given in individual playing, group playing and in other aspects of musicianship such as theory and performance skills.

Individually members are given an instrument if they do not have access to one and learning materials which will help extend their musical abilities and improve their group playing. 

To encourage learning, the Training Band has a varied repertoire of music varying from classic brass band marches to the latest pop charts, performing alongside the senior band at a number of concerts throughout the year with the help and encouragement of senior band members.

The Training Band plays an important role in the community, making brass music accessible to people who have no previous experience of playing a brass instrument or in a brass band.

Brass players of any age and ability are welcome. 

There is a fee of 1.00 per week to cover running costs.

Anyone interested in joining is welcome to come along to a rehearsal or contact the band.




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